About us

The gate physical therapy is a state of the art research and center of clinical education clinic. We ensure the highest clinical care based on recent clinical research. We believe that to be ahead of the game in physical therapy, we must incorporate research and innovation into our practice. The patient needs is our priority and our values are based around you!

Whole Body Wellness

In Gate physical therapy we aspire to provide a holistic approach focusing on the total body instead of only treating a part. The human body is a complex entity that works as a whole and a dysfunction in one area could be a cause of a long cascade of devastating impairments. That is only a small part of the issue, poor nutrition and bad habits are major causes behind life long pain and ailments. 
Treating the body as a whole in terms of nutritional intake, psychological wellbeing and neuromuscular performance are all major contributors to longevity and healthier life. So, let us help you on a lifelong journey of health and prosperity. 

Our Services

Sports PT


Neurological PT

Women Health & Pelvic Floor

The Wellness Program

Strength & Conditioning

Mental Performance Program