Our Team

Hadi Samaneh


Hadi Samaneh is a Co-founder of The Gate physical therapy and he is the general manager. He graduated with a bachelor degree from Hashemite University in 2009. Then, he got his master of science in Musculoskeletal physical therapy from University of Pittsburgh in the US. After that, he attended one of the toughest orthopedic residency programs at NYU and graduated as an American Board certified orthopedic physical therapist. Hadi pursued an advanced certification in spinal manipulative therapy from the American Academy of Manipulative therapy. He is a Canadian board certified manual osteopathic practitioner after he gained his diploma in Osteopathic manual practice from the National Academy of osteopathy, Canada.

He served as the injury prevention consultant for team Jordan where he developed the injury prevention program and the pre-participation screening tests  for the Jordanian Olympic team which helped team Jordan achieves multiple medals in Tokyo Olympics. In addition, he is the current director of the scientific committee of Jordan Athletic Therapy association and currently serves as the lead physical therapist for the Jordanian first national soccer team.

Moath Bassam


Moath is a Co-founder at the Gate Physical Therapy Center. He is the director of The Gate Physical Therapy neurological rehabilitation unit. Moath is a neuro and geriatric physical therapist with over 14 years of clinical experience mainly with neurological issues. He helped numerous numbers of patients following strokes and post-traumatic brain injuries to go back to their normal functional lives. He received his bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from Hashemite University in 2009. Then he finished the prestigious certification in dry needling from South Africa, multiple manual therapy certifications including joint mobilizations, high thrust manipulations, myofascial pain disorders, movement disorders, osteopathic techniques and neurological rehabilitation certification from multiple world renowned institutions.

Mr. Moath was the youngest physical therapist to be appointed as the head of the Jordanian physiotherapy society. He is a member of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society.

Khalid Mosleh


Khalid is the senior sports physical therapist at the Gate Physical Therapy. He graduated with a bachelor degree from Jordan University and attended the sport therapy specialty at the Jordan Athletic Therapy Association where he graduated the first in class was certified as a sport therapist.

He is certified manipulative therapist from Italy, certified in athletic taping, and attended numerous manual therapy certifications in the field of myofascial chronic pain, shoulder advancements in rehabilitation and athletic performance. Khalid is specializing in shoulder disorders and rehabilitation. He has been a jiu Jitsu fighter since 15 years and a coach for over 5 years. He works closely with mixed martial arts, wrestling and jiu jitsu fighters and he developed a very successful program in screening for risk of injury, injury prevention and performance optimization for those types of martial arts. He successfully helped numerous famous jiu jitsu fighters to return to competition in a very short time following injuries.

Viki Alnajjar


Viki is a physical therapist that graduated from University of Jordan with honor. She is a certified sport therapist from the Jordan Athletic Therapy association and a certified manipulative therapist. Viki is specializing in Women health and pelvic floor rehab through the world renowned institution, Herman and Wallace pelvic rehabilitation institute in the USA.

She currently works with pre and post partum patients to help them manage their low back pain, incontinence, improve their posture and reduce their chronic pain. Viki is certified in myofascial pain syndrome manual therapy.

Lama Albaba


Lama is one of our neuro physical therapists. She graduated from Jordan university with a bachelor degree. Lama is certified in fall prevention assessment and management. She developed our successfully fall prevention program for geriatrics and neurological disorders. She successfully helped numerous number of older adults to enjoy worry free life as falls in geriatrics is one of the leading causes of mortality.

She also established the Gate Physical Therapy geriatric performance program and optimization program that consists of improving functional capacity, balance and muscular performance. This is one of the successes in Gate Physical Therapy.

Diaa Al Sharif 


Diyaa is a bright physical therapist graduated with a bachelor degree in physical therapy from Hashemite university. He attended the Jordanian Athletic Therapy association specialty program and he is a certified athletic therapist. He has numerous certifications in manual therapy.

He is certified in manipulative therapy from the Ithrust academy in Italy, he attended an intensive training session in myofascial pain which was given by the world-renowned professor in the NIH Dr. Jay Shah. He is certified in medical taping and treats sports injuries. His interest is in complex mechanical sports injuries.

Marwan Alsharif


Marwan is a great mix between a successful sports physical therapist and a passionate calisthenic coach. He is a certified athletic therapist from the Jordan Athletic Therapy Association. He is certified in manual therapy and osteopathic techniques and brilliantly combines them into his sports injuries rehabilitation. He created the injury prevention testing for the climbing Federation and implemented an injury prevention program for the calisthenics and climbing athletes.

Aseel Al-Barghouthi


Aseel is a physical therapist graduated from University of Jordan and also a certified sports therapist by the Jordan Athletic Therapy Association. She went through numerous manual therapy courses in myofascial pain and athletic taping. She is specialized in scoliosis treatment and certified in the world famous Schroth method which is one of the most important methods to treat scoliosis. She is directing our scoliosis program and helped numerous cases in scoliosis to live a better and healthier life.